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Freight forwarding, warehousing

Our services

Freight forwarding in EU countries by our own trucks.

  • Our trucks are equipped with a GPS satellite tracking. All of them are equipped with an XL code tarpaulin and can be craned. Our main connections within the EU countries: Austria, Germany, the Benelux countries, Italy and Great Britain. We regularly perform EU work to a number of Austrian, German and Italian forwarding agents. For references please contact us at or on any of our telephone numbers.

Organization of complete and partial cargo-shares by the involvement of subcontractors.

  • Over the past decade, our company has got into contact with more than 150 subcontractors and we have managed to build out a European-level network in which we are able to fulfil any kind of transportation needs of our clients, from 50 kg to 24 tons.

Organization of express transportations by our own vans.

  • With our 1.5-ton tarpauline vans we undertake deliveries in Budapest and in its surroundings.



Our company performs its warehousing activities in a modern warehouse building of 2,500 m2. The site is under 24-hour security and our warehouse is equipped with a camera.

Our services:

  • Reloading of trucks
  • Storage of palletized and piece goods
  • Manual and mechanical material handling
  • Storage in blocks and on stands
  • Order picking
  • Labeling
  • Distribution
  • VAT warehouse

Transloading of trucks

Our warehouse is located at the crossing of the M0 beltway and M6 highway. Our leveled ramps enable us to load any measure of trucks. With our modern fork lifts we are able to load stacked and also heaped paletts. If you would like handloading, we can manage it too.

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